Remembering Doug
by John
by Simon
by Steve

Doug Bennett
by Simon Kendall

Doug was the driving, creative force behind Doug And The Slugs. He was a maverick frontman, a unique singer and a surprising writer who challenged himself and those around him throughout his 27 year voyage with the band. He was something of a renaissance man: a graphic artist, cartoonist and closet songwriter who became a consummate performer while designing album sleeves and posters, drawing storyboards and directing music videos, acting in musical theatre and managing other artists.

Like many of us, Doug was also a bundle of contradictions: outrageous & abrasive/shy & considerate; shameless public performer/fiercely private man; foul-mouthed comedian/poignant poet. He was more sensitive than he’d ever admit, more thoughtful than you’d ever guess, and more stubborn than he knew.

Our recent re-launch of Doug And The Slugs has given me new appreciation for my old leader and frequent roommate: I marvel at his courage as a performer, the power and craft in his lyrics and his individuality as a singer.

It’s rare that a day goes by without me thinking of him - sometimes laughing, sometimes cursing, sometimes wondering, always appreciating the legacy he left us all.

His absence is felt by his three beloved daughters, his wife, his siblings, friends, bandmates and by innumerable fans everywhere.

Thank you, Doug – we miss you.