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Live Showcase from the Red Robinson Theatre
February 4, 2010

Ganbare Japan Benefit Concert, April 19, 2011:
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Too Bad
Chinatown Calculation
Real Enough
Who Knows How (To Make Love Stay)
Making It Work
Drifting Away
Tomcat Prowl
Day By Day
Love Shines
Powerful Thing
It's Got To Be Monday
To Be Laughing
(I Don't Want To) Walk Away
Tropical Rainstorm
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Cognac To Be Laughing
Just Another Case
Soldier of Fortune
Too Bad Watch Video
Stay With Me
Chinatown Calculation
Thunder Makes the Noise
Drifting Away
If I Fail
Tropical Rainstorm
Wrap It!
Real Enough Watch Video
Not On The Corner
Wrong Side Of Right
Partly From Pressure
Freshman's Alibi
Forget About Me
Wrap It!
Music For The Hard Of Thinking
Music for the Hard of Thinking If You Don't Come
No No No
Making it Work Watch Video
Take It Or Leave It
St. Laurent Summer
Who Knows How Watch Video
Cover Of Love
When The Doorbell Rings
She's Looking At Me
Day by Day Watch Video
Dancing On The Powerlines
Love Shines
I'm The One
Waiting For You
Must Be Love
Please Please Please
Let Go!
Tomcat Prowl
Tomcat Prowl Watch Video
It's A Powerful Thing
The Colour Of Life
The Same Old Story
Walk Away
Take My Breath Away
Climbing The Walls
Anyday Now
Find Out
Must Be The Rain
Tales From Terminal City
Tales from Terminal City
Stand Up
Say You're Going To Love Me
Black Widow
Rusty Bus
Carved in Stone
Mystery Bride
Cover Me with Roses
Victim of Love
Let The Jelly Roll
Tales from Terminal City
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